Winter experiences i the Pasvik Valley

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Read about our Winter Adventure in The Pasvik Valley


Pasvik :

Latitude 30° , - due north of Leningrad and Istanbul - where summer temperatures can reach + 30° C and the midnight sun can shine from ……….

Longitude 70° , the same as the north tip of Alaska - 300 km north of the Polar circle, where winter temperatures can drop to ¸ 30° C, and where a luminous moon shines over the vast forests and immense snowfields.

50 yards from Russia.

This is where you find the Pasvik Experience

Pasvik Taiga – an old coaching inn and farmhouse, become a modern guest house, offering the best of Artic food, nature and culture. At Pasvik Taiga we offer you a historic traditional experience of all the natural gifts that the land still provides.

Our food is harvested from Nature´s own larder.

All kinds of local game, fish, herbs, mushrooms and berries are the pride of our kitchen, harvested in and around Pasvik.

On our menu you will find all the local specialities, and most of them provided by local people:

  • Fish:
pike, salmon, whitefish, grayling and perch as well as king crab, scallops and other shellfish from the clean cold waters of the Finnmark coast.
  • Game:
elk, deer, hare, wood grouse, ptarmigan and wild duck are part of our bill of fare, and the popular filet of reindeer is a must on our menu. Occasionally you might even find bear steaks on the menu!
  • Berries and mushrooms:


come from the forests on our doorstep.
  • Taiga Buffét Royal

Pasvik´s Taiga Buffet Royal was served to King Harald and Queen Sonja when they came to Northern Norway during their coronation journey around the country in the summer of 1992. It consists of a variety of starters, main courses and desserts, all based on local fresh food. The Taiga Buffet must be ordered in advance for parties of 20 or more.


Pasvik Taiga consists of four main buildings and an outdoor restaurant. It can accommodate up to 20 conference or overnight guests, and provides a separate small conference house for your meetings.

The main guest house has, in addition to a dining room and a sitting room, seven guest rooms, each different: the Norwegian room, the Russian room, the Finnish room, the Guest Room, Westmann, Jakola and Lindi Rooms. Two full bathrooms with showers are located close to the guest rooms.

The Gamekeeper´s Lodge across the farmyard has both single and double rooms and one full bathroom with shower on the upper floor as well as a Jacuzzi and a sunbed on the lower floor.

Stabburet is a genuine traditional granary converted into sleeping quarters. It adjoins the Gamekeepers Lodge and can sleep up to 4 persons.

The Conference House seats 20 delegates and is equipped with an overhead projector a flip-over and a refrigiator.

The outdoor restaurant faces the river and seats up to 20 persons. Here you can enjoy drinks, a snack or a full meal chosen from our varied fish and game menu. The restaurant also houses a barbecue, a bakery oven and a smoking kiln.


For centuries Finnmark has had a sauna- and bath-tradition.

The sauna is very popular and can be heated to +800C.

The traditional outdoor wooden bathtub seats 10-12 persons. In the winter the water is + 400C, heated by an old-fashioned wood-burning stove. The cheerful crackle and aroma of the wood fire add to the experience, especially in winter when the outside temperature creeps down to ¸ 30° C. Next to the bathtub is a heated room where beverages are served.

Pasvik Taiga also has its own genuine turf-hut, JORDGAMME, with an open fire and a mud floor. Here our guests are seated on reindeer hides, able to dream about days gone by, eat dried reindeer meat and other local specialities and enjoy a good drink in the firelight.


Pasvik Taiga clollaborates with Barents Safari to provide appropriate and exciting excursions. We therefore suggest that you visit the Barents Safari web pages, to see the tours and adventures they offer. The address is:


In collaboration with local businesses we also offer sleigh rides pulled by reindeer and dogs. We recommend a visit to the following web pages, to see what is available.

http://home.no.net/jobs/ and http://www.taigahusky.no/

Where is Pasvik Taiga and how to get there

Pasvik Taiga is situated 2500 km from Oslo, the capital of Norway. It lies in the municipality of Sør-Varanger, county of Finnmark. The Taiga is an unbroken area of Artic forest running from Pasvikdalen in the west to the Bering Sea in the east.

By plane from Oslo via Tromsø to Kirkenes – a trip of about four hours, Pasvik Taiga is 60 km from Kirkenes airport. We will be happy to arrange a transport from the airport for you.

Advance reservations are essential, so that we can meet your expectations

We accept Eurocard, Amex and Visa credit cards, and travellers´cheques.

We will be delighted to welcome you to our table and to the Pasvik experience.

Pasvik Taiga

We also invite you to visit the following web sites:

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